Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA) is a new organization that was incorporated in October 2011 and has an office in Dar ES Salaam, Tanzania.


CDEA is a Creative Think Tank that provides services to artists, cultural leaders, creative entrepreneurs, cultural officers and urban planners, development and corporate organizations, civil society organizations and academics in cultural development and development planning &implementation in Tanzania, and wider East African Region.

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CDEA works in collaboration with National Arts Council/BASATA to provide
capacity support 4 Arts Federations. CDEA is also a member of the East
African Civil Society Organizations Forum (EACSOF) and Tanzania NGO
Network (TANGO).…read


CDEA sees Kenya’s devolved governance system as an opportunity to promote
cultural and creative industries as part of local economic development,
in the 47 counties of Kenya. The database is a work-in -progress that
will be used as…read


Rwanda is the only country within the East Africa region that has mainstreamed
home-grown solutions for development programmes, which are drawn from
the Kinyarwanda cultural heritage i.e Gacaca, the traditional reconciliatory
justice …read more


Burundi is a predominantly a French-speaking country with parts the
population having some working knowledge of Kiswahili. The most popular
artist from Burundi in East Africa is Kidum. This database will be used
as a tool for creating …read

Workshop Series Success!

CDEA recently held four workshops in leadership training, copyright
and neighbouring rights, fundraising and advocacy, with Arts
Federations and Association leaders of Tanzania. This was part
of the capacity building process of Arts Federations in Tanzania
supported by HIVOS. …more…

Leadership Training

This workshop took place from 26-28th February 2013. The workshop
was an opportunity to carry out a SWOT analysis of the Arts
Federations. It was established that one of the fundamental
weakness was the fact that the Arts Federation, which are apex
bodies, had constitutions …more…

Copyright & Neighbouring Rights

This workshop took place from 5-7th March 2013. A presentation
made by Mr. Luhala, Director of Rulu Arts Promotion, listed
a number of weaknesses in the Copyright and Neighbouring Rights
Law No. 7 1999, which included: …more…

Fundraising Workshop

This workshop took place from 12-14th March 2013. The key organizational
development issues that this three-day leadership training addressed
included: 1. Defining resource mobilization and fundraising
2. Positioning the resource …more…

Haji Iddi-Arts and

“The workshop broadened my perspective. The content was useful,
there should be more of them so we can become good leaders!”

Dorice Lawrence —Music

If a group of people come together with their hearts pounding for
the same thing, then great things can really be accomplished thanks
to CDEA”

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