CDEA has three key programmes namely: Culture and Governance, Documentary and Future and Organizational Development.

The Culture and Governance Programme focuses on promoting inclusive or participatory governance in decision-making along the creative value chain as well as advocating for culture’s role in Sustainable Development by interweaving of cultural policies and other public policies. Key activities will be anchored within the decentralization framework of the East African Countries, supported by international and regional instruments such as the UNESCO 2005 Convention, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the African Union Plan for the Cultural and Creative Industries, the East African Community Market Protocol and Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) guidelines and the Creative City Planning Approach.

Culture and Governance Programme is currently implemented through research, policy analysis and advocacy in the culture and creative Industries in East Africa.

  • At regional level, hosts an annual Mashariki Creative Economy Impact Investment Conference. Through this conference and other capacity development activities, CDEA aims to promote  inclusive macro-economic policies & ecosystem support For the creative industries in East Africa.
  • In addition, CDEA is committed to the  contributing to the diversity of cultural expressions in the digital environment in order to achieve a balanced flow of cultural goods and services on the African continent and internationally, as well as increasing the mobility of artists and cultural professionals in East Africa.

CDEA’s future  programming will be around peace and social cohesion, sustainable cities and tourism.

The Documentary and Future Programme has four key projects namely:

  • CDEA’s Creative Economy Incubator and Accelerator Initiative. This  is currently composed on the Audio-visual Incubator and the Design Incubator. Future work will around Accelerating creative enterprise
  • S.M.Art Green Cities. S.M.ART refers to where Science Meets Art. This is a life-long initiative that CDEA has embarked on to work with municipalities  in Dar es Salaam and later other cities  in Tanzania and East Africa, on creative city planning as  a sustainable urban planning approach that embraces eco-friendly principles. This initiative falls within the theme Art, Urban Settlement and the Environment and Cultural Spaces and Public Art.
  • Stimulating Intercultural Dialogue in East Africa . Through this initiative CDEA will host Kikatuni Critical Debates that will stimulate intercultural dialogue around social issues from Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania highlighted through cartoons in newspapers. Midundo Online Radio and social media (Facebook and YouTube) will be the main communication tools.
  • Eco Sanaa Terrace. CDEA has an arts space  which provides the space for artists and arts lovers to network and meet through the following activities.
  • Creative Hookups at Eco Sannaa Terrace in collaboration KQ Hub’s Creative Africa Talks
  • PanAfrican Writers Lounge
  • PanAfrican Film Critique Club
  • Creative City Dialogues

The Organization Development Programme has four themes:

Theme 1: Focus on sustainability, strategy and culture

Theme 2: Strengthening of CDEA internal systems and processes

Theme 3: Advocacy and thought leadership

Theme 4: Establishing a performing arts infrastructure

CDEA believes that culture is both an enabler and driver of sustainable development as illustrated in its Theory of Change.

Theory of Change