Trade Facilitation

CDEA’s  Creative Economy Accelerator activities are implemented through CDEA’s business arm, SanaaBiz Investments Limited.  Currently, CDEA  has a  marketplace for the fashion and accessories designers and home décor interior designers  at: www. The accelerator will support home décor interior designers working with artisans to creatively use of nature-based solutions. Emphasis will be placed on promoting a lifestyle of sustainable processes and product.

A new area of our work will build on our previous area of work around creative economy convenings for the East African region, as well as our inaugural co-producing of the creative economy programme at the Ghana 2020 Expo -Tanzania which had four components- a panel discussion (pictured above) , market access and Business-to-business (B2B) networking for the fashion brands, a creative economy roundtable focusing on fashion and artisanal products and finally a fashion show.

Working through partnerships, we shall soon launch an annual expo, the Mashariki Creative Economy Expo focusing on: Rights Trading, B2B networking and policy roundtables, targeting the eight EAC partners states with a focus on six priority sectors namely: Film, Television and radio broadcasting, Music, Fashion, Literature and Visual arts.