The Future

Dar es Salaam Eco Sanaa Village

The Future is now! CDEA aims to establish a social enterprise based on its Pan-African and eco-friendly values titled ‘Eco Sanaa Village’. The village will be designed by Tanzanian architects, visual artists and interior and exterior designers, IT geeks taking into consideration sustainable lifestyles  principles, which aim to rethink our ways of living, how we buy and what we consume, and  transforming our societies towards more equity and living in balance with our natural environment, a living lab that will attract creative professionals (architectural, performing arts, visual arts and multimedia) from the world to offer courses on sustainable design, performing arts, film and music that will empower youth these principles in their entrepreneurship.

The business case of Eco Sanaa Village is built on both blue and green economy concepts for sustainable development and proposed to be located in Kigamboni. It aims to develop all aspects of the tourism development cycle from infrastructure and the familiar “sun, sand and sea” formula to the cultural and creative industries to nature-based tourism.

Eco Sanaa Village commercial viability will be through leasing out space to East African brands and  franchises that promotes  sustainable lifestyles  like  eco cafes and restaurants,  collaborative work spaces and offices hostel rooms,   campsites  in the green spaces,  retail shops for  fashion/apparel, leather products, jewelry, recycled glass products, eco-furniture and health and well being spars that uniquely designed by different Tanzanian and East African visual artists.

CDEA will continue to partner with development partners to promote freedom of artistic expression, and broker linkages between creative innovators with social and scientific innovators to trigger social economic transformation.