Reference EOI/ESIA/CDEA/SANABIZ/2023/02/1
Posting Date 16/02/2023
Closing Date 28/02/2023
  1. Background

SanaaBiZ Investments Limited, the business arm of Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA), in partnership with Kigamboni Municipal Council invites tenders from a suitably qualified professional firm to carry out an Environmental Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the proposed ‘Dar es Salaam Eco Sanaa Village’  project that that will be composed of a creative hub and art hotel  on 18 acres along a beach plot in Kigamboni, Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

  1. Main Objectives

It is expected that the assignment will be conducted in a manner that meets relevant national legislations on environmental  and social impact assessment reporting for the project. Specifically, the study aims to:

  • determine the current condition of site and surrounding area for the proposed project;
  • to assess the likely impact that the implementation and operation of project may have on the environment of the site and neighbouring area or to public health;
  • identify and estimate costs, if any, related to mitigation actions;
  • culminate the Environmental Impact Statement of Project;
  • consult relevant stakeholders with regards to project benefits and related environmental issues as per assessment and the resulting ESIA report.
  1. Scope of Work

The scope of work will entail visiting the project location to gather required information and regular coordination with the relevant governmental environment agency/department which reviews and approves EIA statements for projects, local government authorities (Water, Environment and Public Health agencies including the MOH) and/or any other body a needed to achieve study objectives. The project implementation area is within Kigamboni Municipal Council.

  1. Qualification

Eligible individuals/entities or organizations are invited to indicate their interest in conducting the ESIA study. Interested parties must provide details indicating they are qualified to undertake such a study. This includes detailed Curriculum Vitae(s) with relevant qualifications and experience for each team member who will be involved in the assessment, membership and/or registration with relevant professional bodies, experience of ESIA study for other projects (provide the following information for every assignment listed: name of assignment, donor/investor(s), ESIA study contract value, and contact details of client).

  1. Duration of Assignment

It is anticipated that the assignment will be one month.

  1. Deliverables

The ESIA process involves four major deliverables

  1. Scoping study Report and Terms of reference for EIA and dully filled EIA form No. 1
  2. Draft Environmental and Social Impact Statement
  • Final Environmental and Social Impact Statement
  1. Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate that will be signed by the relevant environmental Minister and issued by National Environmental Management Council (NEMC)

7 . Additional Information

Interested parties may request for more information or clarifications via the email  quoting EOI/CDEA/SANABIZ/2023/02/1 in the subject line, February 20, 2023.

  1. Deadline for Submitting 

Expression of interest (EOI)  and financial proposal   for undertaking the proposed assignment must be sent on or before 12 midnight EAT of February 28, 2023 via the email quoting EOI/ESIA/CDEA/SANABIZ/2023/02/1 in the subject line.

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