Call For Incubatees – Filmmakers

CDEA’s Creative Economy Incubator in collaboration with GIZ and the EAC makes a call for its Audio-visual Incubation Programme focusing on filmmakers in Uganda and Tanzania, to take place in Dar es Salaam within a period of one year.

CDEA’s Creative Economy Incubator that is being supported by the Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa (IIDEA) will select 3 prominent filmmakers from Uganda to showcase their work in Tanzania and hold a masterclass for emerging filmmakers. They will also have the opportunity to co-create a film project with prominent Tanzanian filmmakers and pitch to potential investors.

Tanzania filmmakers can apply to benefit from the incubator in two ways.

  1. Beginners: Attend the Masterclass
  2. Established: Co-creation with Ugandan Filmmakers


What we offer

Incubator Services:

  1. Technical and business skills development for selected incubatees

The incubator will facilitate three master classes for Tanzanian filmmakers and an opportunity for co-creation on content that focuses on regional integration issues and how to identify potential investors from the private sector


  1. Platforms to market creative enterprises and services

CDEA will also produce creative profiles of the incubatees for CDEA’s SanaaBiz Online Portal that will be linked to distribution network and other regional and global distribution networks. The filmmakers will also be invited to display their booths at the Mashariki Creative Economy Impact Investment Conference, scheduled for May 2017.


  1. Mobilizing stakeholders for the Mashariki Creative Economy Impact Investment Conference

CDEA will host its inaugural Mashariki Creative Economy Impact Investment Conference in Dar es Salaam, focusing on fashion and design, film and music industries. There will be a parallel session for the film industry in East Africa. Selected incubatees will be able to market their work through booths, as well as networking with Tanzanian filmmakers and joint-pitching to potential investors.


  • Are you a filmmaker?
  • Do you have the passion and ambition to develop a new project?


  1. The applicant must be an emerging filmmaker who requires professional support.
  2.  Must be a citizen of Uganda/Tanzania

Admission Criteria

Your motivation letter and portfolio should show us:
  1. Innovation and creativity
  2. Need of professional support

Application Procedure

Step 1:  Submit the application letter with sample of your work to:  before January 25, 2017 addressed to:

Executive Director

Culture and Development East Africa (CDEA)

Plot 421, House 1001, No. 25, Usagara Street, Mikocheni B,

P.O Box 13355, Dar es Salaam


Subject: Application to CDEA Creative Economy Incubator

Step 2:  Assessment and Review by the Audio-visual Incubation Programme

Step 3:  Feedback to successful applicants by January 30, 2017

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