EAVC 2016 Design and Build Challenge

East Africa Vibes Concert (EAVC) held on the first Saturday of August, is an annual event now highlighted on the cultural calendar of East Africa. It aims to promote emerging conscious musicians, poetry and spoken word artists, as well as expand the market for conscious artists in East Africa. EAVC therefore provides the platform for both established and emerging artists to share a stage. The Concert also provides an opportunity for collaboration and partnerships with cultural centres & organizations, development organizations, the media and corporate organizations.

It is also an opportunity for more established conscious artists from Africa, to make a guest appearance on this platform.

The slogan of the Concert is Vuka Boda that captures the theme of promoting mobility of artists within East Africa to promote social cohesion among its people.

This open call is meant to bring forward audio-visual creations that interpret different ways in which design (in its broadest sense) creates (or could create) relations between the performing arts and design of spaces, while at the same time acting with social and environmental responsibility. Thus we also wish to connect Design Relations with the programmatic orientation of Design Incubator.

Searching for original installations and/ exhibitions that will be the setup for the EAVC 2016, all proposals must be “meaningful in relation” to EAVC’s overall goal.


Physically embodying the spirit of the festival that combines environmental art with an Afro-fusion concepts, the EAVC main stage functions as the focus of the day, the other stalls will be areas of exhibitions and refreshments. It is a place where ideas can be discussed, shared and learnt during the festival. Emphasis of the design would be on the idea of an experiment of how the event is flexible enough to accommodate people and different activities both spatially and programmatically.

Opening up as a competition to architects, artists and designers, the EAVC layout and design is to be a project that allows for exhibition of East African creative industry talent right from the front door, the entire setup and the performances at the event.  Feel free to experiment and explore different ideas to redefine and innovate the spatial experience of a public space within East Africa’s context.

The chosen project will be implemented at the Nafasi Art Space, Mikocheni on August 6, 2016

The competition is free of charge and open to all creative people under the age of 35years with a passion for designing of spaces; architects, interior designers, artists, you name it. In all cases, the necessary must be provided when submitting the proposals.

Applicants must participate in teams of up to four (04) persons. Which must have an architect, an artist, graphic designer and any other additional creative of your choice. Each team must appoint a team leader.

Step 1: Registration
Each team leader should register his or her team on the following http://eavc.co.tz/eavc-design/. The registration deadline is March 30th  2016.

Step 2: Project Submission
The submission deadline is May 31st 2016.
Applicant’s contact information (phone, e-mail)
List of authors and project leaders with selected references (max. 1500 characters with spaces for each author or group. If available, references should also include URL links to existing projects)
Project presentation in relation to the selected theme (max. 1500 characters with spaces)
Technical requirements and timetable for production on site (max. 1500 characters with spaces)
Visual and/or audio samples of the project if available
All drawings should be placed on two (02) display boards format A0, portrait orientation (w=1189mm x h=841mm) in pdf format

To submit your works, proceed by the following ways: – Send e-mail to Admin@eavc.co.tz
(via Dropbox or WeTransfer)

Board 1
– Project title – Location map on a significant scale (the choice is left to the participants), in order to assess the surrounding urban context and as a whole.
– Mass Plan at a scale of 1/500 (or any appropriate scale)
– Perspective drawing(s) of the structure and /or the surrounding spaces showing their quality in terms of structure and others. – Analytical sketches and diagrams, to assess the guiding principle of the project.
– A written introduction (between 300 and 500 words) explaining the key issues in the overall architectural and planning of the project.

Board 2
– Ground plan at 1/100 (or any appropriate scale) showing the context.
– (The) Plan(s) of upper floor(s) at a scale 1/100 (or any appropriate scale) showing the internal layout as well as the access. – Longitudinal and transversal cross sections at a scale of 1/100 (or any appropriate scale).
– The main facade(s) at a scale of 1/100 (or any appropriate scale) showing the construction materials.
– An axonometric drawing of the project with its close surroundings, connections, access to the immediate neighborhood at an appropriate scale to convey the guidelines of the project.
– Detail of the construction method at a scale of 1/20 (or any appropriate scale) showing the important areas.

Since this is a design and build. The jury will take into account the following:
– The compliance with the program, the objectives and the respect of adequacy to the needs
– The extent to which the project fits in the existing site
– The relevance of the use of local construction materials and the way they are promoted
– The feasibility of the project within realistic financial constraints
– The originality and innovative nature of the proposal
– A financially accountable approach
– The quality of the boards, especially the lay out.

Between TZS15 -25m gross for concept and production
Basic technical aid in setting up the project
Technical equipment loan in the frame of available scope
Promotion of event in collaboration with the author

Applicants will be notified on the results within 14 days after the deadline.
A three-member jury consisting of an architect, a curator, and an external member will review applications.
­­­The jury withholds the right not to review incomplete applications and to reject applications without additional explanation.

Opening date: February 29th, 2016
Online registration: 30th March, 2016
Project submission: 31st May, 2016
Winners’ announcement: 17th June, 2016

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